Atelier Maurice Arnoult’s school of bootmakers

Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris in the heart of the “Gouttes d’Or de la Mode et du Design” centre, the Atelier de Maurice Arnoult (AMA) brings together under the same roof an independent craft workshop and an association. This structure also has for particularity to shelter the only place in France to offer a training of bootmaker dedicated to the adults and specialized in the manufacture of women shoes.

The workshop initiated by Maurice Arnoult, a famous bootmaker from Belleville who passed away in 2010, has set itself the objective of perpetuating and passing on the know-how linked to the bootmaker profession for which few training courses are available. Volunteer and experienced master bootmakers such as Michel Boudoux and Jacques Aslanian organise workshops throughout the year to train all the craft techniques of custom-made boots for men and women: from the elm shape through patronage and hand-stitching. The training also enables contact to be made with a network of renowned professionals in the leather and footwear industry.

Many of the students who have already gone through the workshop are leading their careers in haute couture or have set up their own brand and workshop. The association also organises open days and participates in several craft fairs with the aim of establishing itself as a reference in terms of transmission and creation in order to defend and perpetuate crafts.

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