The art of textile design

©Pablo Piatti

From Salvador Dalì and his Flower Ballet to Meret Oppenheim and his fur bracelet, Picasso, Matisse, Mirò and their motifs for textiles or tapestries and couturiers inspired by the linear art of Mondrian or the Impressionists’ colour palette, the bridges between art and fashion, between artistic and textile research, have traversed history, as illustrated by the Picasso to Warhol exhibit organised in 2014 by the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.


To celebrate this delightful marriage between the worlds of art and textiles, this September Première Vision Designs is launching its Designs Factory, with a creative effervescence inspired by the frenetic artistic atmosphere of Andy Warhol’s Factory. Among the textile designers featured in this gallery of artistic talents is Pablo Piatti, from the eponymous studio, and Laure Girardin Vissian from La Fabrique Design Textile. After studying at the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, Pablo Piatti moved to Antwerp and in the 1990s fell under the spell of fashion.  His mural artwork gradually merged with an exploration of textiles and printed patterns, which for this Argentine designer remain true “paintings on canvas, or fabric.” His inspiration is drawn from plants, landscapes and the animal universe, which Pablo Piatti interprets in a kaleidoscope of painted and woven motifs favouring watercolour and gouache. This common root gradually makes its way into his diverse inspirations, which he derives less from trends than from his readings and personal discoveries – from ancient Flemish engravings to Chinoiserie and the African influence permeating Belgian culture.



This is one point where his work intersects with the research of Laure Girardin Vissian, whose textile collections also feed on infinite inspirations and visual codes. Her dual training in fashion design at the Duperré school and at the Beaux-Arts has helped this French designer develop a special sensitivity for both the visual and applied arts, which she draws on for her children’s textile designs, as well as her work in publishing, graphic design, fashion textiles and communications. The world of illustration and a very pronounced attention to lines and colour are at the heart of research at La Fabrique, a studio Laure Girardin Vissian directs like a duet: the colourful and stylized motifs she proposes in each new collection deliberately mix fashion and interior design, inspired by traditional textile arts as well as contemporary graphics, hand-drawing and new digital tools. The result is sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, with a Nordic touch and an exquisite graphic sensitivity. Unique, original, unexpected – in a word, artistic.

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