Anam Ananas, new pineapple-leaf fibres for a new world

With its Piñatex products, already adopted by leading fashion brands, Ananas Anam offers not only a leather alternative, but also a new kind of perpetually evolving textile. The principle: a material as flexible and robust as traditional leather, made from pineapple-leaf fibres using a rational approach that is both socially responsible with has a low environmental impact.

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To do this, Ananas Anam has been working for almost 10 years with farmer cooperatives in the Philippines, from which it buys fibre from the leaves that surround the pineapple during its harvest. As a result, the company provides these farms with an additional source of income, while reducing their waste production (each year, pineapple crops produce up to 3 million tonnes of burned waste).
Once extracted from the pineapple leaves, the fibres are washed in the local rivers, without using any chemicals, dried using traditional techniques and then treated with enzymes. They are then broken down with a corn-based acid, to become a top-quality non-woven fabric, meeting all the principles of the circular economy.

Piñatex is available in 6 colours and 8 different finishes, offering a wide choice of textures and colour combinations, in 155-cm. widths. Concerned with long-term commitment, both in textile innovation and in the protection of the planet, Ananas Anam is currently working to expand its range to include new products, and is working to produce larger quantities, for meet all the creative demands of a revolutionizing fashion industry.

Meet them at the Smart Square, Hall 3, and discover a new generation of textiles.



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