An invitation to opulence

Rich in the stylistic twists and turns so essential to fundamental change, the autumn winter 21-22 season celebrates fantasy with a tangible hunger, generosity and commitment. And thanks to the season’s colors, volumes and decorations, there’s no room for gloominess.
A delightfully carefree opulence is delicately and sensitively expressed and casts an immediate spell – on the eyes, the hands and the heart. It’s impossible to resist the allure of this sometimes madly assertive, sometimes extravagantly modest creativity.

Far from all rationality and standardization, this fresh blast of visual joy flourishes in ripples celebrating roundness, humor and lighthearted perspectives.

Decorations drawn from the wildest dreams nourish a fertile imagination and inspire prolific innovations. The escape to parallel and virtual worlds removes seemingly rational barriers and opens the door to an unbridled imagination.

Technological advances allow us to envision new and personalized creations, with decidedly innovative, captivating and sometimes disturbing developments. From shapes in exaggerated sizes, to origami or 3D-printed extensions, to strangely surprising handles and materials, the season’s visual effects both attract and repulse, with colors and thematic combinations hovering between an extreme desirability and an odd kitchiness.


In terms of product development, puffy and chubby quiltings leave no room for emptiness, and venture into quite singular and decorated designs. Sumptuous shines and jacquards are bold enough to make one blink, and powerful decorative patterns brilliantly decorate accessories, fabrics and leathers.

A season in which material/decorative developments also highlight an appetite for fun and celebration, enlivening the season’s wardrobes like a multifaceted and highly expressive feast, where the smallest detail provides a tasty and joyful treat for all the senses

Discover more on this theme and the highlights of the season, on our digital platform soon!

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