An interview with Mickael Chai: Founder of Skytex

“Skytex has been pursuing the cause of beauty through jacquard”




Skytex’s collection



Today, the Première Vision Marketplace talks to Mickael Chai, Founder of Shangai’s company Skytex…

This gave us a chance to have Mickael Chai tell us more about his company and the highlights of AW 20/21 collection.

Skytex is a high-tech company which focuses on design, development and production of jacquard products.



Hello, can you start us off by introducing yourself? 

I am M.Chai, the Founder of Skytex. Creativity is a core value for me. I am President of the China Fashion Business college, director of Research Center in International Fashion and Creativity of Donghua University. I teach also at the institute of Visual Arts in Shanghai.



What would you say is the unique feature of Skytex and its products?

The company owns a 4000M2 design center in Shanghai, which uses 18 jacquard looms for develop only, not production! The design center collected and established a private jacquard museum with a jacquard IT data server system. All products are traceable.


Eco-responsibility is now more than just a trend, it’s a central focus of the entire industry. What are Skytex’s own initiatives in this sector?

We wish to aim 50% Eco-responsibility products by 2020 and 100% by 2030.


Can you tell us about your customers – what are they specifically looking for in your collections?

Our customers are looking for products keeping same step with fashion trends and creativity.


Skytex’s collection


Creativity is the bedrock your collections. Can you describe the creative process at Skytex? What are your specific sources of inspiration?


Our Trend investigation and collection department develop trend report suitable for SKYTEX customers. We split the collection in 4 different themes. We develop also ground base and colors with different ground qualities. We also test color matching-restore. SKYTEX has also its trend report and its own trend booklet.

Our inspiration comes from investigating current world trends, newly released catwalks, online celebrities, opinion leaders, well-known designers. We also work with trend companies, and in-depth communication with fashion designers.


Can you give us the highlights of the Autumn-Winter 20/21 collection you presented at the PV Paris show, which is currently on the Marketplace?

We develop The Tencel filament luxury series with the Lenzing Company. This is a very bright product, it is worth looking forward to.


Skytex is a high-tech entreprise, what does it mean for your company?

It means that SKYTEX is a real textile innovation company, spending a lot of money on research and development, and getting results. Finally, it was approved by the State Administration of Science and Technology in China.


So, innovation is part of Skytex’s values. Is it why you chose to be part of the Marketplace project ? What are your other expectations regarding the Première Vision Marketplace?

Yes, SKYTEX is willing to embrace and believe in the new model, no doubt.







Established in 2001, Shanghai Skytex Incorporated Company developed from an initial creative team of three people into a large company with New York and Paris offices as centers for fashion trend analysis and product development, with Shanghai as the operations center, Zhejiang Province as the center of production, testing and logistics, and sales centres in the major markets around world. Skytex has now become the symbol of Chinese jacquard.

The company focuses on design, development and production of jacquard fabrics. Now Skytex is an innovative fashion company, setting industry trends. It holds one patent for national invention, 16 patents for utility models, and more than 1018 items of copyright.
In 2010, SKYTEX got (GRS)Recycle poly certification.

June 30 2013, Ms. Yue Sai, the founder of cosmetic brand Yue Sai invested and joint the SKYTEX and became a share holder for lifetime. Mr. Michael Chai, the present of SKYTEX said the joint of Ms. Ji will bring the fashion jacquard fabric of Skytex to be more gorgeous and will expand the brand development of SKYTEX.

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