Autumn winter 21-22 highlights a remarkable groundswell of research into new equilibriums.
Like a shifting pendulum, the season adds up contrasts and brings together supposed opposites.
A season firmly opposed to looking back to the past, a season passionate about the ambivalences and contradictions between being anchored in reality and escaping into the virtual universe, between material and digital worlds, between introspection and celebration, time-out and action. One does not exclude the other; rather, each infuses the season – voraciously, determinedly.

The digital world – free of tangible borders, ruler of immediacy – connects and initiates extraordinary contacts between people and cultures. It forges relationships that are of an entirely different nature than those found in so-called real life and the physical world. Ever so much more than a merely pale, plain filter of reality, the digital universe invents, multiplies and accelerates the possibilities of new exchanges and meetings.

Fascinating and seductive, its digital realm offers up idealized worlds and artificial paradises, like so many escapes and distractions. It offers a fantastic breathing space to counter present realities, a place to escape into and forget oneself, like attaining the next level of a video game. With on-line avatars now easier to slip in and out of than a piece of clothing, personalities are reinvented and looks can shift and evolve at will, helped by instantaneous and infinitely changeable filters.

Digital creations of fabulous universes and clothing items are daringly bold, and underline the strength of active imagination, which the real world often finds difficult to bring to life.

In the face of such a marvel, our current situation might tempt us to contrast it with reality –  less gaudy, less extravagant. But the virtual world highlights reality from an unprecedentedly exalted perspective, presenting itself as an ally to reinforce real relationships, the beauty of the tangible, to visualize the minuscule and sublimate the emotion of reality.

With no quarrel to conspire in, no dichotomy to create, the fashion world is busily working against uniformity and is today more than ever committed to a hybrid approach.
Tools are being perfected to blur the line between reality and fantasy. Industrial processes are being accurately honed and fused to generate creative pretenders, subtle and majestic materials and colors for our daily lives as creatives or consumers.

From now on, the past and ancestral know-how work side by side with cutting-edge technologies, playing off new, likeable synergies: the image of something is no longer in conflict with how it feels, but serves rather to bolster, underline and reveal. It multiplies possibilities, enhances the overall perception of the whole, and gives products and processes a new understanding.

A mastery of software and ” hand” techniques continue to work together, to help us move forward towards the actual realizations. Weaving, knitting and embroidery techniques emerge as allies in the development of cuts and styles.  Patterns are programmed, prototypes are visualized, and the tangible renderings, which are sustainably eco-designed, are visually anticipated.

Upstream, the fusion of technology with nature gives birth to a new generation of hybrid materials.  Natural/synthetic composite materials, as high-performance and sustainable as conventional materials, invent incredible relationships with time and impart a notion of perpetual renewal to recycling, with no loss of either quality or beauty.

A positive ambivalence is invited into autumn winter 2122, with a firm focus on emphasizing the fantastic coexistence of light and material. The season commits itself to clear positions where the digital and the physical worlds come boldly together in one reality, creating truly complementary relationships where materials, yarns, structures, finishings, images, words and sounds introduce a pioneering shift towards a more caring future.


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