Active Color

A wonderfully special season is on the horizon, with striking new ingredients where color is voiced nimbly and emphatically.

As a privileged medium of creative expression and visual impact, color steers the autumn winter 21-22 season to new coloristic interpretations and iterations.
It plays on a disruptive appeal, stirs a desire for new harmonies and stimulates evolutive combinations with relish.

Soft and lively, the season, in harmony with natural mutations, opens
with a resounding manifesto, banishing gloom and standard black.
It seeks the subtlety of lively, unique color, hues inextricably tied to the passing of time and motion, like “musty khaki”, shade N°17 in our color range.

Boldly and sophisticatedly, color reveals the beauty of wear and tear, of mishaps, as if they were deft finishes: whether worked in filigree or deliberate flat tints, moving shadows and gradations, or random abrasions and oxidations in woolens, lace, embroideries, silkies and accessory components, in carefully elaborated wash-outs and patinas in suitings, or in eroded metallized effects in leather, they are strategically placed for captivating color effects. Applied in partial scrapings, precisely positioned on a collar or a sleeve, versatile color interacts with the eye, and occasionally even fools the hand!

Not-quite plains are celebrated thanks to a richness found even in discreet colors. The irregularity of natural hues favors sensitivity, the emotion of imperfection, worn aspects, pigmentary instability, like our N°16 “raw ecru” and warm earths like N°3, “oxide red”.

Intrinsically linked to the material itself, color is imperfect and unique, playing with raised effects in jacquards and combining with contrasting textures.

In cut- and hairy yarns it is expressed in either contrasting or graduated harmonies in silkies, braids and piping. It reveals the natural aspect of leathers through finely colored and non-covering finishes.


Light plays a decisive role this season: it is elaborated in both thickness and transparency, with filters playing on almost imperceptible reflections and underlining the roundness of accessories.
It brings out all of color’s vitality and life, all the richness of its use, all its versatility and individuality when allowed to bloom and evolve in accordance with light and perception.

Mixing and adding together multiple techniques opens the way to stirring and innovative visuals that are perfectly imperfect in their tonal and tactile non-uniformity.

In this season so marked by ambivalence, balances will shift thanks to these moving ingredients and singular recipes, delightedly defining the autumn winter 21-22 silhouettes, and emphasizing the full force of life, movement and evolution with a blazing dynamism!

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