ACHILLE VALERA: The future is about Sustainability

Achille Valera, Italian leader ribbon manufacturer, is very careful and sensitive about the role that the textile industry plays in the environment.

The aim of fashion sustainability is to ensure that products are manufactured in such a way that the product’s lifecycle minimizes any undesirable environmental effect, for this reason the team has decided to include some eco-sustainable items into its collection.


Organic mercerized 100% cotton tapes GOTS (certified by ICEA.) Main features of this article are brightness and color uniformity. This is obtained through a production process that allows the re-use of mercerized products, combining the protection of the environment and the reduction in water and energy consumption. From this season Achille Valera Lissoni has devised and developed a new idea of dyeing: an incredible number of pretty nuances in compliance with the GOTS guideline. Ranging from the elegant ribbon, made on shuttle loom as HF E REC to the more technical and sporty articles as 917 REC and PR REC made of 100% recycled Newlife ™ polyester, a yarn obtained from the recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. This grants the same performance in quality as virgin polyester with substantial savings in terms of resources and costs for the environment.

Thanks to these features it obtained the following certifications:

  • OEKO-TEX standard 100
  • GRS  
  • LCA

NY-REC articles have been conceived and created starting from a recycled Nylon yarn obtained exclusively from the scraps of nylon (polyamide) 6.6. Through a mechanical regeneration process this waste material is regenerated as a polymer and used as yarn.

100% made in Italy! 100% environmentally friendly!

New season, New collection

 ACHILLE VALERA is focusing the new collection on ribbons with technical and sport inspiration.

Starting from the classical collection of tubular padded ribbons the company has developed new articles suitable to be used for bags and shoes, these articles are very soft and in at the same time extremely durable and resistant. The Nylon section was enlarged with an herringbone tape, conceived for sneakers and sportswear. Following newest trends and customer requests the line was enlarged with extreme fringes (till 16 cm) cm that seem to speak vintage, a stretch version is available too. As per all the articles of the collection, ribbons can be customized in terms of shape, size and colors. Same yarns, different styles.

Fluo Mohair ribbon: new creation for the brand

ACHILLE VALERA is proud to announce the creation of Fluo Mohair ribbon, natural and classic with a modern appeal, the result is a mix of originality and eccentricity. Furthermore, the collection was enlarged with a stitched ribbon in wool that seemed to be found in the grandmother’s trunk. Fluid satin with lurex and mohair to combine elegance and smoothness, creating soft ribbons perfect for evening dresses.  According to a dreamy inspiration, soft shaded and tie-dye effects are developed in order to expand our vast collection with innovative and oneiric creations.

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