Accessories selection for spring-summer 21

The Spring Summer 21 accessories and components trends for the ready-to-wear market with a selection of fashion and functional items from the best of the exhibitors’ collections, as well as colour trends.

The season’s accessories use texture to reveal a new presence. Patterns play a supporting role to decorations, which underline constructions by playing with volume. Components adopt colours in half-tones, in gentle contrasts, in order to give preference to surface textures.

Exacerbated tactility

Components want to be touched and kneaded! They stand out for layered or braille developments on buttons, playful summer quilting for leather goods panels. Soft picots stand erect on ribbons and labels are filled with tiny balls, like anti-stress toys.

Round and voluptuous

Ornaments are soft and curvaceous. Lines are rounded, metallic accessories are plump with a strong emphasis on round threads and inflated chain links. Decorations adopt a relaxed geometry with blunt angles, while messages are written in flowing, wavy scripts. Arabesques and tracery are gently engraved on wood and corozo.

Concrete transparency

Lightness is expressed by associating transparency and opacity. This produces new geometries with evanescent pleating, ribbons appearing to float on clothing, zips playing hide and seek on outerwear, buttons becoming visible in an infusion of colour, trimmings outdoing each other with ingenuity, and clever weavings combining invisible plastics and ultra-mat drawstrings.

Muted iridescence

Shine is toned down and calmer for this spring-summer season and the silvery lustre of iridescent shades underlines the imperfect beauty of components. Iridescent metallic sheens provide a transparent layer on chains and findings. Subtle changing nuances can be seen on buttons and pastel colour gradients blend together on faceted labels.
Zips are coloured in a sophisticated dip-dye and patterns are drawn in watercolours on organza ribbons.

Acid eco-responsibility

The technical characteristics of eco-responsible materials combine with vigour and verve. Recycled polyesters are becoming more elaborate with jacquard labels, or engraved buttons in shades rich with bright pigments. Biopolymers are popular and presented as a responsible alternative for working with ultra-energetic synthetics in chains, beads, buttons and labels.

Sunny naturals

Honey-coloured highlights cover accessories, enamels adopt syrupy colours on coat buttons and metallic accessories. Organic versions of terrazzo appear like sculpted amber. Full summer reveals its bold decorations, with the return of raffia which is found on fringes, pompoms, bag handles, and as refined trimmings.

Jewel Focus

A forum entirely dedicated to costume jewellery presents fashion orientations developed with a rich and creative selection of technical components, stones, chains, crystals and even mounted jewellery. 

Summer’s jewellery evokes beaches and the seaside where daydreaming combines with the grandiloquence of baroque elements.
Jewellery components for the season are expressed with generosity and volume.
Chains are elongated, with the sautoir taking centre stage, findings for earrings are extended, suggesting items just brushing the shoulder.  Links take interlocking to an extreme and form twisted cable chains. Metallic surfaces are crumpled, hammered, and offer a shattered shine. Crystals and gemstones display dense colours, deep garnet and emeralds combine with ornamental stones suc

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