Accessories products report

Accessories are trying to find their place in a market where the customer is very diverse, often torn between the desire to consume well and the pleasures of seduction. More than ever, there is a need for clarity, coherence and clear positioning.

Beautiful unaltered materials, which do not try to be something they are not, are reassuring.

Innocent, festive, fun and colourful pleasures create joy.

Functional accessories that have proved their worth in the sports world are welcomed with open arms by creators looking for comfort and modernity.

©Taneka_PVLeather_sept2018_0967-min         ©Taneka_PVLeather_sept2018_685-min
Digital printing on stones               Simultaneous printing on
by Seab                                                 fabric and glass beads
                                                                by Modimex



Prints for all surfaces:

Inkjets perform miracles. High-precision designs are placed on undulating or embossed surfaces, on volumes, or on all sorts of media: crystals, stone, plastic, glass.

Gentle modernity

Elastic, warm, soft and firm, modern materials are appreciated for their haptic qualities. From labels to jewels, from braid to clasps, we are cast into a world of softness based on silicon, polyurethane, elastane and microfibre.

 ACC_0906-min         ACC_1413-min
Enveloping softness for                  
Light and flexible, mesh
technical accessories from            has become an essential
Smart Accessori                                product and Fashion Tex
                                                                produces it in coloured braids
ACC_0856-min         ACC_1017-min
Allure export : fringed,                   Ethnic designs in coloured
beaded jewellery                              enamel fron Creazione Andry

Folk hippy


This is the hedonistic, joyfully tousled and multicoloured touch of the season. A wind of nonchalant liberty, romantic and fanciful, where hirsute fringes, embroidered braids, charms and pompoms, mohair, feather, beads and enamels all combine.

 Tends by product :



The choice of buttons remains a very personal matter. Some prefer bejewelled buttons, others only want natural products in natural shades. And it is true that buttons using recycled materials are struggling to renew themselves. The preference is for inclusions under resin. As a general rule, imprecise colours are the stars: mother of pearl splashed with lacquer, marbled or washed-out colours, random inclusions, marl, shady or veined effects.

ACC_1032-min         ©Taneka_PVLeather_sept2018_0890-min
Buttons with a cracked                     Jewel button from
appearance from Red Button           Piemme Boutons

Embroidery and transfers


The success story of velvet embroidery continues: Wig Korea produces fur coat effects on animal patterns, while Eddy Ricami has patented his so-called “carpet” embroidery, supple and very dense.

Eddy Ricami Project :
  “carpet’ embroidery on a sequins base

For patches, the adventure is still going strong. Hearts, smileys, messages, faces or animals. In glitter, velvet embroidery, padded embroidery, sequins are everywhere and appeal to eternal adolescents.

As a general rule, whether cannetille embroideries, crest patches or panels, ready-to-bond decorations are experiencing growing success.

Heat-bondong transfers
from EM Company

 Functional accessories

High-visibility accessories are all over the fashion world. Sealon has developed silicon strips that better resist the migration of colours, with a range of neon and metallic hues. IRC invents golden reflective items that have everything to attract designers; the same goes for its ultra-luminous black.


Safety belts and harness straps inspire sturdy, satin braids.


Technical straps coated in plastic
by Groupe Lecuyer

Press studs, safety buckles and mountain climber snap-hooks are elegant without neglecting their technical role.

30% harder to open than to close,
the new press fastener from
Sincro is a winter

For zips, fashion is once again focused on the teeth. Coloured, textures, enamelled, they are not necessarily the same colour as the puller nor the tape.

KCC created personalized
messages with nylon
teeth in the shapes
of letters

Jewellery components

We note a return to more imposing shapes, and asymmetry continues to be explored.

Assymetric composition
from Don Cuentas


Crystals shine boldly, even when they are dark.


Modimex prints on crystals
without affecting their

Pure lines, geometry and regularity: buckles, brooches and bracelets play tribute to perfection, in shiny metal, smooth platings, tubes with regular curves and faultlessly spherical beads that have zero defects.

Crisden : the simplicity and
elegance of purity

Environmentally-friendly jewellery uses natural materials that have undergone as little transformation as possible. However, as the desire for colour continues unabated, we like accessories that are half and half, lacquered or enamelled on one side and natural on the other.

Lartigiana Bottoni :
half-coloured buckles

 Labels and packaging

Without doubt, modern materials are the most popular: translucent, gelatinous, iridescent, soft and supple, silicon and polyurethane know how to embody modern luxury.

Embossed textile label from
Indet Group

There is a tendency to move away from real leather, in favour of more “friendly” solutions (that are not necessarily natural!) Imitation metal, lighter and softer, are also very popular for quality markings. Colours are classic and ultra-refined between black and white, silver and gold, ecru, grey and beige.

Black and gold label by Duesse

 Metallic or plastic accessories

Iridescent or transparent? Plastic unfurls its magic in moulded panels by Publiesse Technique, or inclusions and droplet effects from AT+T. Moiré, hologram effects and convex mirrors catch the eye once again.

Iridescent moulded plastic
from Publiesse Technique

Meanwhile, imitation tortoiseshell is proving to be a real trend.

Eyelets have gone upmarket and are more sophisticated: reversible, enamelled, sheathed in leather, coated and mounted. New shapes are being tried out, namely stars and triangles at Piemme Boutons. A variety of colours and materials are available from Sincro. Meanwhile, Sealon offers to simply edge the eyelets with a silicon transfer.

Tarducci Massimo :
leather eyelet with a metal mount

Decorations and textile accessories

The craze of the season is little trinkets to pin all over: pompoms, mini purses, charms, scoubidous, in the wake of the pins, patches and fun decorations from the previous season.

Embroidered patch in form
of a number from Dizayn Etiket

Influenced by sportswear, tapes appear in a knitted version, applied vertically, and are softer and more comfortable. Club stripes are popular and most of the time are enhanced by golden lamé thread.

Glamour sport tape from Cheynet

Plaits, frogging, macramé and other trimmings are reinterpreted in technical materials, cords and sports laces.


Trimming made from sports laces
from Aeffe



Feathers, leather and fur

Materials of animal origin create controversy, particularly fur, and the demand for false fur is becoming significant. Some are also requesting alternatives to leather. Piovese Fashion has anticipated this with materials based on apples or cellulose, and recycled leathers. From a style perspective, the manufacturer is focusing on embossing, whether hot, cold, by laser or high frequency.

Embossed and printed crocodile with
an ironwork effect from Piovese Fashion

Meanwhile, feathers are still popular. Light and foamy for jewellery and accessories, or in contrast, flat, smooth and gleaming for bags and shoes.

Floral composition in feathers from Galleotipiume

Fur pompoms are, nevertheless, still just as irresistible.

Multicolour pompoms from Hilton Fur

Accessories for leather goods

There was a lot of success for bag handles. All shapes are permitted but we note an interest for geometric handles, in a baguette or circular style.

Chains play with the irregularity of textured links in a variety of forms from Made 4 Fashion.

Decorated panels for bags continue their trajectory: they are studded, embroidered, incised, bedecked with crystals, embroidered…

Belts appreciate the technical touch, with safety buckles, harness straps and ultrasound assembly modernising this timeless classic of masculine elegance.

ACC_1366-min         ACC_0835-min
Scavini : woven                                   Idea 84 : braided leather
sport cords                                           and metal chain bag handle

They are innovating :

Galleotipiume : “We have succeeding in making a stretch tape using feathers where we removed the rigid part”.

Cheynet : “We produced a knitted belt with a built-in drawstring”.


Preciosa : “Our SS2 crystal is the smallest in the world and it has 12 facets, which means it really shines.”

Dorlet : “For our jeans buttons we are launching Raw Line, where we use natural shades of copper, brass and stainless steel to offer a very complete range without the use of electroplating which produces a lot of pollution”.

FBMA : “We had the idea of using brass leftover after we cut out buttons. These are the perforated plates we have used to make bags and jewellery”.

IRC : “We have patented our reflective surface, which emits a gold light when it is lit”.


Fimma Sincro : “Our new One Click system means that in just 22 seconds, metal letters can be applied to leather or any other soft medium, with a polishing procedure that guarantees the perfect uniformity of the letters”;

Moda Pierre : “We have launched a range of patches embroidered with double-sided sequins that is proving very popular”.

Redmark : “We have developed an imitation metal micro-injection”.

Modimex : “Our inkjet printing procedure, Color Mec Engineering, makes it possible to print a pattern on an already assembled shoe.”

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