Accessories: Opening of the spring-summer season 2021

In the world of accessory components, eco-responsible approaches focus on reusing waste from industrial production. This is a clever optimization of resources, where even the slightest object, taken out of its original context and reused, can generate interest, catch the eye, surprise, delight, and enjoy a new life as a lucky token. Details that can make all the difference, and add an indispensable touch of fantasy!


Fashioned from scraps or excess material, these accessories often arise from counter-forms, from ancillary pieces. They are imbued with a mysteriously abstract, unfamiliar quality. They are just waiting to be seen in a new light and artfully showcased, to lend an interesting twist to an ensemble.

Spring-summer 2021 goes in for roundness, wavy lines, curved shapes, plumpness. Buckles sheathed in inflated coatings, ball buttons, bubble meshes, ellipses and circles with curves traced by section wire, and lines drawn in soft but light strokes, thick or thin, as if filled with air, all form a voluptuous and upbeat graphic vocabulary. Accessories that are both chubby and airy, that seem to float like balloons. Angles  – blunted, rounded – disappear. Labels themselves take on the look of decorative pebbles.

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