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19 specialists make their entrance to Première Vision Accessories: metal accessories, embroidery, technical materials …



Here is an accessory that comes straight from Japan: the “kohaze” is a metal tab that is used as a traditional closure for tabis (one-toe socks), gaiters, cuffs, etc. Unchanged for centuries, this very specific accessory is still made on original looms. Aoyama is the only producer to make kohaze according to the traditional techniques. At a time when ever fewer Japanese people are wearing traditional outfits, this manufacturer offers designers an opportunity to reinterpret this little-known item, with its refined production that can be customisable in terms of the patterns and the lacquering, and which is available in limited editions and well as large-scale production runs.



Founded 16 years ago, this company manufactures components for fashion jewellery as well as fine jewellery. Always on the lookout for different platings, new and unique original finishes and models at the cutting edge of fashion, this manufacturer works with brass, leather and gemstones. It also offers cords, feathers, clasps and all the accessories needed to produce models mainly targeting the female market.



This company is new but already important, and makes premium accessories for the fashion, menswear, jeanswear and sportswear markets. Here we find buttons, sliders, fasteners, patches, stoppers, jacrons, labels etc., in metal, leather, recycled leather, bone, wood, mother-of-pearl, polyester, rubber, silicon, and with many combinations of materials. Equipped with modern, high-performance machines, Frameless produces many exclusive developments and offers particularly rich and varied colours, dyes, enamels and bespoke galvanisations, respecting the requirements of the Oeko Tex 100 and BlueSign standards.



Founded in 2000, Hannice is an integrated company that produces lace on jacquard, tronic, textronic and chain knit looms, with its own dyeing and heat-setting units. The company presents a complete collection of all-over or panel lace, both stretch and non-stretch, for lingerie, ready-to-wear and swimwear. Its fresh and modern collection manages to refresh this sector with its contemporary inspiration and skilful production. Hannice exports throughout the world, particularly to the United States, and targets chains as well as major brands.

hego for boutiques


This company specialised in wardrobe accessories and particularly hangars, consists of three brands. “Fingers Style” for high-quality articles in the French woodworking and leather-making tradition. “Authentiques Paris” for very luxurious and exceptional articles entirely made in France. “Hego for Boutiques”, focusing on fashion boutiques, couture designers and the high-end hotel sector. Here, the mastery and preservation of traditional savoir-faire does not stop them from innovating and taking note of trends. Items to discover in their new collection include transparent acrylic hangars with inclusions of flowers or slivers of gold leaf and hangars coated in cork, denim or dyed aluminium.



A family company for three generations, IRC produces reflector strips for workwear, security wear, firefighters and road signs. For the last three years, the company has been developing fabric strips, elastic or non-elastic transfers and piping for the fashion and sports markets. All the items are developed in-house and made in Italy. The new collection includes two items that are currently being patented: a black reflector that is as powerful as a silver one, ideal for motorcyclists or cyclists, and a reflector that sends back a golden light rather than a white light.



For the last 30 years, this manufacturer of metallic accessories, buckles, clasps, plates, revolving stands, snap hooks and components for jewellery, has continued to expand. The key to its success is a team of qualified craftsmen and tools that are always at the cutting edge of technology for smelting, galvanisation (listed as one of the top 10 galvanisation firms in 1995), polishing and other finishes. To this can be added lengthy experience in contact with fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Uniqlo, which allows it to anticipate client demands and adapt to their style, whether vintage or refined.



This manufacturer of elastic bands, rigid bands and laces is very present on the sportswear market and is now offering the fashion world its expertise in the areas of comfort, breathability and lightness, plus its reflector, non-slip and marking solutions. Experts in silicon applications, embossing, digital printing, meshes and spacers, M.AR.C presents a high-quality, high-performance and refined collection that is sure to delight fashion designers.



Although less well known than its Indian neighbour, Pakistan also has a long tradition of embroidery and unique expertise in this area. At Muse, this secular art is put to the service of a modern, original style that is perfectly in line with European tastes. This young company offers very high-end embroideries for the luxury and haute couture sectors. It takes its time to choose the most appropriate technique for the desired result. The company carefully selects its supplies from around the world and even has been known to order them specifically, to ensure the quality of its materials. These embroideries are made to last and be handed down from mother to daughter.



Pasmatex is currently the largest producer of narrow textiles in Romania. This company owns traditional shuttle looms as well as more modern and faster needle looms, which allow it to produce fine articles and jacquards as well as straps, elastic or rigid bands, and other articles in large quantities. The company works with all materials and has its own dyeing unit. Its client base ranges from the fashion market to technical sectors such as medical, security and the armed forces.


PTA Group

This Portuguese company produces transfers, applications, pleating, applications of crystals and studs, digital printing and laser cut-outs. The company’s philosophy is to innovate to exceed client expectations. Equipped with the most recent machines, it makes alternative usage of a variety of technologies; for example, it uses techniques that had previously only been applied to finished products. Thanks to its wide range of machines, its network of partners and this constant quest for new procedures, PTA Group offers a personalised, rapid service that is renewed each season.



This Chinese accessories giant, which supplies the leading international chains, has six production units in Asia and ten offices around the world. More than 300 designers conceive more than 6,000 new products each year. Heavily investing in R&D, the company offers a plethora of innovative solutions such as a trouser zip where the slider is the shape of a button, a sliding zip that follows the movement of the neck, an ultra-thin and ultra-light zip, and more. Ecology has not been overlooked, as SAB offers many products such as a paper-based zip tape, or the recycling of bran, sawdust and plastic bottles for the production of sliders, buttons or other items.



Specialised in embroidery and guipure, notably on transparent and elastic backgrounds, this company is at the head of a spinning department, chain knit section, a design bureau and a dyeing department. Recently the company has acquired new tools for the digital printing of embroidery. Very present in the lingerie sector, the company is now developing in the swimwear and athleisure sectors. Flexible and reactive, it can supply limited orders as well as work on large-scale production runs. Today it exports most of its output, notably in western Europe, as well as the US and Canada, for a mid to high end client base.



This embroiderer has managed to open up the rather closed world of his profession. Traditional manual embroidery is combined with contemporary techniques such as digital printing, laser cut-outs and hot-stamping for high fashion creations that can appeal to all markets. In his collection, we can discover decorative embroideries, jewellery, brooches, buttons and other ornaments that have been embroidered, crocheted or covered with crystals, as well as mechanical embroidery and applications for tee-shirts and sweatshirts.

utax7243 (1)


Specialised in heat-bonding and printing using polyurethane resin, this manufacturer offers solutions adapted to the needs of the lingerie and sports sectors, but also for designers looking for innovation: hold, compression, sculpting effects, seam-free solutions, breathability and customization. Using liquid glue, the bonding is applied at specific points according to the desired pattern. Resin printing applies the same principle, with the eventual addition of pigments or reflective microbeads. Utax offers a complete service ranging from all-over or semi-finished panels, to the production of the final product, thanks to an entirely automated production process using machines specially developed by the company.



With more than 100 years of experience in the profession, Walter Fischer is one of the largest producers of chains and jewels worldwide. The company works with brass, aluminium and solid silver. The collection is vast, including more than 2600 different models made by machines or by hand. The chains are available in a number of shades, with more than 30 different surface finishes, from white bronze to antique copper and oxidised black.

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