Accessories AW2122: Turbulence and sophistication

The highlights of the season’s components and accessories for the ready-to-wear markets.

The influence of nature and its primitive agitations impregnate accessory components with incandescent turbulences, precious eroded appearances and surfaces with defensive textures, as well as softened armor and protective down, for an autumn winter 21-22 that is highly tactile and visually sparkling.

A volcanic radiance agitates, warms and illuminates components through materials in fusion, flame effects and pumice stone. Driven by red, the season’s star color, the living is exalted with sparkling and intoxicating shine. Lava inspires surfaces that seem to be in eruption, while whirls of magma are incrusted on buttons and buckles. Carbonized expressions sublime the irregularities of accessories with raw and textured appearances created by raised jacquards with petroleum highlights, and fossilized buckles and buttons. Geology inspires labels with the patterns of matt rocks while buttons, clasps and labelling seem to be carved from marble or granite. Rocks and stones, lunar craters and mineral cracking renew the surfaces of components.


Exhibitors: ABM, Sama, Lartigianabottoni, SAB-Weixing Group, Eddy Ricami Project, BAP Group, Artesa, Etru Jewels, Crisden, Crépin-Petit, Argo, Moda-Pierre, Valter, Mode Harmony, Emmetex Etichettificio, Piemme Boutons, Visma, Close to Clothes, Etimed, Visma, Domar Pelletteria, Boutons Kocher, Boutons Kocher, Labam, Serena Cecchini Design, Promistamp, Duesse, ACM.

Refined erosions
Natural alterations infuse the surfaces of accessories with an appearance of embellished wear and tear. The look of natural erosion, oxidation and frost animates and structures component surfaces. Between mineral, vegetal and animal materials, the limits are blurred with ribbons evoking bark, stone and feather. Labels are brushed, imitating the rusty effect of metals, buttons are marked with mineral irregularities. Galactic cold freezes components with an icy simplicity for ribbons, buttons and gems with sharp and spiky relief. Jewels are crystallized in a material whiteness and transparency with lacquered and translucent finishes.


Exhibitors: Crisden, Mabo Group, Nastrotex-Cufra, BAP Group, We Nordic Label Studios, Sakura Lace, ABM, BAP Group, Boutons Kocher, Shindo, Deridesen Etiket, Ril-Metal, R79, Indet Group, Crisden, Crépin-Petit, Moda-Pierre, Visma, Valter, Sc Print, Indet Group, Argo, Argo, Dorlet, Berthéas, Varcotex, Clic, Artmétal – Framex – Janvier – Coinderoux, Mode Harmony.

Defensive textures
Accessories take on the textures of stinging plants or cellular armor, natural defensive systems with undeniable graphic charm. Undulating ribbons are decorated with colorful studs or inclusions of acidic threads, buttons and chains protect themselves with embossed structures of saturated acidity. Components are printed with teeming patterns, like the shells of insects intimidating the enemy.

Exhibitors: Argo, Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Akbey Tekstil, Clic, Lartigianabottoni, C.D.C., Etru Jewels, Passamaneria Frassinetti, Pirola Passamanerie, Fashion Tex, Frieba Textilwerk Carl Friedrich.

Hairy is versatile
A warm and tender layer of down envelopes components in two ways:
One is sober hirsuteness, short hair, subtle velvets on buckles and flocked ribbons with rubbery finishes on foamy laces and whitened, softened colors.
The other is longer, rather ruffled hair in clashing colors, for a more eccentric and extravagant expression: tousled ribbons, woolly, threadbare blazons, irregular furs and crazily disheveled buttons.


Exhibitors: Invoga, Passamaneria Frassinetti, Marcy – Côté Plume…, Passamaneria Frassinetti, Cadica Group, Pirola Passamanerie, Eddy Ricami Project, Texcart, Texcart, Serena Cecchini DesignSerena Cecchini Design, Shindo, Pirola Passamanerie, Crépin-Petit, Dorlet, Satab Fashion, Invoga, SAB-Weixing Group, BRB.

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