Accessories AW2122: Soft and rounded

The highlights of the season’s components and accessories for the ready-to-wear markets.

This season, accessories reveal their generous forms and colors with delicacy and delight. Components adopt simple shapes in precisely-worked single materials, where light highlights curves or color shifts and changes.

Colourful movement
Accessories make bold use of colorful materials, cleverly blending expertise and panache. On the one hand, dyed items are worked in fusion, with cloudy effects on chains, labels, ribbons and feathers, while on the other hand we see dilutions like watercolors, blending colors into each other, with more random and turbulent combinations at the very heart of the material. Anodized color gradients are seen on stoppers, while chains and beads create a rather synthetic and mystic atmosphere when colored in the spirit of acidic neons. Another theme is blurring, where color is material and the shades are more contrasted: Extravagant and multicolor combinations add dynamism to hairy ribbons, precious tweedy buttons, bracelets in extroverted bouclette and chenille threads and labels with hazy visuals. Festive feathers, fringes, rhinestones and gems dare to create incongruous combinations for highly-colored evening wear.

Exhibitors: Etru Jewels, Etru Jewels, Lecuyer-Fantex-Groupe lecuyer, Satab Fashion, ABM, Pirola passamanerie, Ateliers Tamalet, Indet Group, Fratelli Reali & C, Pasmatex, Passamaneria Frassinetti, Gi.Ma., Gi.Ma., ABM, Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Marcy – Côté Plume…, Pirola Passamaneria, Etru Jewels, Lampa, Julien Faure, Pirola Passamanerie, MYZIP, Passamaneria Frassinetti, Argo, Labam, Varcotex, Shindo, Marcy – Côté Plume…, Fashion Tex, Lecuyer – Fantex – Groupe Lecuyer, Indet Group, Boutons Kocher, Valter, Barig dal 1973, Lampa, Clic, UNIZIP, Valter, Julien Faure, Lartigianabottoni, SAB-Weiwing Group, Lampa, Lampa, Valter, Labam.

Generous volumes
Volume is expressed with generosity and simplicity on components. Labels inflate and deflate, oscillating between prominence and vacuum, embossing and compression. Ribbons are quilted with graphic overstitching; buttons have rounded bellies and laces are plump and bouncy. Smooth, matt surfaces are illuminated with solid colors in sophisticated pairings, a model of simplicity and roundness. Deliberate protrusions evoke the overspill of materials and wax drippings on curvy labels and buttons.

Exhibitors: Satab fashion, Textcart, Nastrotex-cufra, SC Print, Cadigroup, Eurotextile, Serena Cecchini Design, R79, Bagarig dal 1973, Ateliers Tamalet, Piemme Boutons, Emmetex Etichettificio, Epau-nova, BRB, Invoga, Muehlmeier Bodyshapping, Sab-Weixing group, Compagnie française du bouton, Indet Group, Close to clothes.

Gentle vibrations
Accessories are decorated with graphic undulations created by agile optical illusions. Wavy lines on ribbons trouble perception and elastic materials accentuate the sensation of movement, whether random or controlled. Textured whirls delicately carve out the surfaces of beads while slender waves combine frenetically in embroidery. The curves of waves inspire buckle closures and the rhythms of elastics, hemmed in tone-on-tone or contrasting colors.

Exhibitors: Berthéas, Lampa, Invoga, Vialaton Martin, Sakura Lace, Société Choletaise de Fabrication, Vostex, Sakura Lace, Domar Pelletteria, Julien Faure, Dorlet, Pasmatex, Sama.

Delicate precisions
Filigree structures embellish the season’s components with extreme finesse. Produced in tone-on-tone or very pale shades, labels, ribbons and elastics are designed in fine and discreet lines. Barely-perceptible micro-textures, supreme lightness and transparent pairings underline with an expert sharpness the evanescence and purity of the components.
A discretion which is also expressed by iridescent puffs like subtle solar powders, to enliven winter modesty. Warm tones are diffused in timid and muted sparkles, like gusts of metallic dust over chains and buttons.

Exhibitors: We Nordic Label Studios, Satab Fashion, Barig dal 1973, Close to Clothes, Varcotex, Berthéas, Satab Fashion, Duesse, Shindo, Cap Sud, Etimed, So.Tex.Co, Domar Pelletteria, Crépin-Petit, C.D.C, Lartigianabottoni.

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