A20W21 Trend Seminars

Next Tuesday 28 May, the Première Vision fashion team and its exclusive guests will take a deep dive into all the ingredients you need to build your autumn 20 – winter 21 denim collection: fabric construction, treatments and accessories, silhouettes and outfits, and a full reflection of the relationship between the new consumer generation and denim.

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A20W21 Denim Fashion Trends

Don’t miss this exclusive and inspiring seminar to immerse yourself in autumn 20 – winter 21.
From fabrics to finishes and components, you’ll get all the latest new denim trends forming the core of this new season – including the sustainable innovations and focus the denim community is pushing forward.

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Presented by the Denim PV Fashion team

Tuesday 28 May, 11.30am

trend seminars

RE/VOLUME molding perspective

A fashion seminar dedicated to the season’s silhouettes and outfits: a way to address denim trends with a focus on lifestyle, cuts and shapes.

Lucia Rosin from Italy’s creative studio Meidea breaks down autumn 20 – winter 21 fits and outfits along 7 fits concepts.

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Presented by Lucia Rosin – Meidea

Tuesday 28 May, 2.30pm


trend seminars

Denim alteration / Digital contamination

To explore the impact of the digital era and the evolution of denim culture.

A live discussion with a panel of emerging designers, with Kristian Guerra, co-founder of Ice Surface Temperature, as moderator.
Focuse on the use of denim as a cultural reference and an iconic material in contemporary brands. The conversation will explore the relation between the use of denim and its visual impact on various digital platforms. The selection criteria, the selection process and the role of denim in the design process.

Moderator: Kristian Guerra


  • Duran Lantink
  • Sophie Hardeman
  • Filippo Maria Bianchi


Tuesday 28 May, 5pm

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