The A20W21 Laboratory: living a 'digitally contaminated' experience

Next May, 28-29, the entire denim community will gather at Superstudio Più in Milan to shed light on the A20W21 fashion season.

For this next edition, the Denim PV fashion team worked on a super-innovative concept to provide widde-ranging insight into the A20W21 season: a captivating space, totally merging the season’s fashion trends with an immersive inspiration, a Smart Creation selection and a digital forum.

This new concept is created through the experimental vision of Kristian Guerra – co-founder with Laura Guerra of the conceptual brand and creative platform Ice Surface Temperature. Kristian Guerra collaborates with FLMRS, a creative studio based in London.

Explore the impact of the digital era and the evolution of denim culture.

The A20W21 Laboratory

The IMMERSIVE INSPIRATION will lead you through an experimental journey, to thoroughly immerse yourself in a mind-bending inspirational audio-visual experience, opening the way to the latest trends.

The SMART CREATION SELECTION features a spectacular realization putting eco-responsible developments at the core of the season. Imagine garments directly connected to a sustainable approach. A brilliant artistic collaboration between a dozen denim weavers and accessories makers (all CSR engaged) and Kristian Guerra, an Italian designer who describes his fashion approach as:


“Exploring the world of fashion through experiences that enable me to widen my interests, ideas, and skills by mixing streetwear influences, tailoring traditions, and an attitude to innovation.”

In the VIRTUAL FORUM, the Première Vision fashion team will, for the very first time, present the fashion trends through a unique digital showcase, with far-reaching analysis revealed in detail in the PV Trends Seminar.

Live / Feel / Learn / Participate

This exclusive experience represents a collaborative connection between tradition, innovation and digital push to experiment with the past, the present and the future of denim. Step into a dialog between analogue and digital and decipher the 3 major trends of the season: Human connection, Digital Imperfection and Augmented Perception.

Ready to discover a new  approach to the denim world?
Welcome to the Laboratory!

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