A sporty air

ratti LAST

For summer, Ratti creatively converts its silkies and prints to sportier versions that are richly inventive, full of surprise.

The spring-summer 2020 season provides Italy’s Ratti an opportunity for a surprising conversion of its silks and printed fabrics. A sporty spirit runs through the collection, a common thread uniting everything from classic designs to the most polished styles. The same sporty spirit is found both in technical nylon bases – just right for elegant raincoats – and modern tops inspired by basketball nets.

Decoration is worked in the same spirit.

Printed cottons are inspired by authentic yellow and navy sailing jackets, now enhanced with an added layer, evoking the famous K-way windbreakers.

In another nod to sports, new translations of Lacoste-style piqués are obtained through thick prints or metallized pigments. Cotton shirtings are updated via flockings and denim printings, and finished off with embroidery.

The choice of motifs sets a contemporary mood evoking geometric architecture, the conceptual art of Michael Max Asher and the surreal landscapes of De Chirico.

The palette sticks to pop colours and primaries.

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