A freeze frame of summer 21 with Cody Cobb

Light colours a majestic and ever-moving nature

The images by Cody Cobb, an American photographer born in 1984, reveal the Earth in its raw natural state, its natural landscapes untouched by human beings. His photographs are disconcerting, amazing, causing us to lose our bearings and sense of perspective.

As a way to approach the summer 2021 season, we selected this delectable visual of summer peaks covered in snow, like ice cream, illustrating the idea of light-filled colour, which resonates throughout the season, and a perception of motion as indelibly connected to that which is alive, which reacts, fluctuates and is transformed.

Comforting, soft snowy peaks seem to distil a soft internal light. The atmosphere is cool, without being cold, just enough to balance out this generously azure sky, these gentle solar flows, so smooth and warm. Nature in its primary, magmatic state, delicately sugary, light yet imposing, injected with a hint of pure ultra-concentrated light, nestled in creamy pastels. The scenery isn’t static, it exists through the light that lands upon it, colouring it, figuring it, defining a mood. Through it, we can embrace a suspended, frozen moment in time. A chance for us to pause, free of any obligation or worries, and open ourselves to all the earth has to offer – between thoughtful stillness and motion.

The colours of the summer season are in the spotlight, with majestic pale tones revealing all the moments of beauty, nourished by a mango yellow that plays on a warm-cold contrast with the celestial blue, that airy blue that we would like to reach out and touch. An ode to light, which goes from gently discreet to intensely vibrating, bringing us back to this essential sky blue, named “sky on earth” in our range.

The artist approaches photography as a means of appropriating his environment, inscribing himself in the vast scenery of the earth, questioning the place held by human beings on the planet. In the course of long aimless wanderings, transcended by the experience of extreme solitude, borne by the trance of repeated, prolonged physical effort, he comes across a landscape, takes it in, and is captivated by it. You can sense the stance he takes when confronted with nature: respectful, admiring. This attention to the world, this desire to take care of it, echoes a form of shared consciousness that has transformed the fashion industry. The latter must be as sustainable as it is extraordinary, as irreproachable as it is impregnated with the wonderful, like this photograph taken by Cody Cobb.

Could a new, stylistic idiom free of all superfluity be emerging? One that retains only the wondrous….

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