A caring season

Autumn Winter 21-22 brings a new perspective to the fundamental idea of protection. With all its characteristic ambivalence, the season takes an amiable, totally non-aggressive approach to safeguarding the body, a search for protection with a deliberate, decisive and distinct kindness. Eschewing any simplistic contrast, it builds personal, unique shelters; new types of cocoons where softness is appreciated, and a hazy fluidity is celebrated, with rounded angles and blurred contours.

Fashion for Autumn- Winter 21-22 opts for an intelligent well-being, a cozy, soft, generous, sturdy and serene protection. Sensuality is a must, complementing the technical performance of materials and clothing.

Snuggling up in these creamy materials and products neatly aligns with our essential need and desire to find shelter, a place of comfort and serenity, a velvety softness and tenderness that’s in no way bland or silly. Generous volumes and smoothly supple handles convey an urge for simplicity, a demonstrable kindness in the season’s approach to the future, and convey a smart and modern vision of reassurance.

Finding shelter from the outdoors and isolation from the cold, wrapping yourself in coziness and roundness, feeling the caress of velvety surfaces and reassuringly soft solidity all around you…  all while diving into color and its luminous radiance, developing a light and strong bodily carapace, drawing inspiration from extreme sports and bringing their look to the city and everyday life.

Shock-absorbing finery and envelopes encase the body in stylish protection, enveloping it without any constraint, all fully developed and outfitted with a blend of state-of-the-art technology and innovative creativity.

The need for protection is thus expressed both through fuller volumes and rounded, inflated, plumped shapes, along with caressing and indulgent handles, tender and fluffy surfaces, while never ignoring indispensable protective and invisible properties (antibacterial, climatic…).

Visuals grow softer with hazy patterns, softly blurred motifs, random irregularities and particularly refined chinés.

In terms of performance, technical properties are anything but cold and austere, and strike a balance between functionality, comfort and aesthetics, for elegant qualities that constantly accompany the body’s movement. They never exclude a warm and softened feel, with the use of wool for climatic and cozy tops and outer garments..

The season is a kindly invitation to a tranquility on which to build new, open and non-binary futures, futures where humanity is protected and strengthened, thanks to technology, an intimate safeguarding of the body, and a desire for serenity.

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