5 questions for Ester Manas

5 questions for…

Ester Manas

Young designer and member of the 2019 PV Awards jury


1. Please tell us a little about your experience as a member of the Première Vision jury. Anything you fell in love with?

As a very young designer, I approached my first participation in the jury of the P.V. Awards with a little shyness: for me the exchange with the other jurors was an extremely enriching and instructive experience, I am almost intoxicated by it.

2. What does AW 20-21 inspire in you?

Joy and optimism: the focus on sustainability that cuts across all areas of fashion stems, in my opinion, from a desire to always do better, to improve processes while keeping the bar very high in terms of quality and style. It’s a smart bet, one that gives hope for the future.

3. What sparks your inspiration?

What inspires me is women: I watch them live, face changes in their bodies, find solutions to dress well in all circumstances. That’s why I’m so interested in developing one-size-fits-all clothing, so that a dress can accompany a woman throughout her life.

4. If you were a fabric or leather, what would you be?

Undoubtedly the recycled leather yarn that won the Grand Jury Prize for Leather, developed by the Korean company Atko Planning Inc.: from a distance it looks like a shapeless, earthy mass, but as soon as you touch the sample it reveals a surprising story, especially since it is made with crushed scrap leather. This material is absolutely amazing.

5. What does the fashion of the future look like to you?
I hope there will be one! Jokes aside, I would especially like her to be intelligent, generous and inclusive. I think that real educational work is needed on the part of operators in the fashion industry in order to accustom customers to consume less and better: beautiful materials and intelligent cuts to allow clothes to stand the test of time.

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