4 main collection lines at Kilim Denim!

This season, Kilim Denim features a range of novelties in their collection. Throughout, their collections aim to reflect the common language of men’s and women’s wear. With distinctions between men’s and women’s styles – whether in stretch or rigid fabrics – disappearing, Kilim’s textiles are now developed to cater to both sexes, and this can be seen in their latest models.

Shape Core-Woman (High Performance Concept)

It’s not easy to find a real denim look with power stretch; normally you find a more artificial look, like slubs on a sateen weave.

Overall, this concept includes:

  • Original/ real denim look
  • Better performance
  • Better growth ( 50-80% elasticity level) and holding power
  • Suitable for skinny fit
  • Natural softness / handles (refined yarns, regenerated fibres, soft structures) without chemicals, and a permanent feel of softness

shaping (4)

Vintage Shaping Man (Masculine Stretch)


The main idea is to help men move more flexibly while wearing denim. A new structure is created to conserve a rigid men’s look and at the same time provide freedom of movement.


  • More authentic & masculine look
  • Skinny fit
  • Comfort
  • Easy-wear feeling
  • High-stretch denim
  • No reed lines & invisible backside
  • High performance ( + 40% elasticity)
  • Dualcore form to improve recovery

The Re-Create Collection

Kilim Denim’s sustainability efforts become visible in the Re-Create denim collection:

  • Fabrics made with natural fibres such as organic, BCI cotton and Tence
  • The Hydra Free project, which comprises indigo-dyed fabrics with zero
  • CACTUS fabrics, which decreases water use by 93% thanks to advanced  processes.
  • Certified fabrics made with yarns recycled from cotton and polyester yarns and post-consumer prod

Kilim Denim

Cactus: KilimDenim – Waterless Project


The process will be spread across the company’s entire production in 2019.

With the Cactus project, a brand new environmentally friendly innovation has been brought to life.

As most water is used during removal of the unfixed dyestuff in the indigo dyeing process, the company has started to use a newly developed chemical process, which improves the fixation of indigo on the warp yarn.

This project will have a positive impact to the environment, and the water used will be decreased by 93%

A Sustainability Philosophy Reflected in their Products

At every step of production, Kilim considers its impact on human health, how to reduce its impact on nature and how to use resources efficiently.

This vision of sustainability is showcased in the fabrics chosen for the Re-Collection.

Items that become a part of our consistently growing and evolving collection not only consist of the latest applications in the field of sustainability, but are also designed to reflect modern trends favoured by denim lovers.

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