37.5® Technology helps control your core temp

37.5® Technology is based on naturally derived active particles permanently embedded into yarn or fiber. These microporous particles have the perfect combination of energy absorption and massive surface area to trap moisture and process it out of your microclimate. When you are hot, 37.5 speeds evaporation and cooling; when you’re cold, 37.5 returns the energy to warm the body. 37.5® Technology is the only yarn technology to remove moisture in the sweat vapor stage, before liquid sweat forms. This delays the onset of sweat and keeps you comfortable in a wider range of conditions.

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37.5® Technology was developed for high-performance sport and outdoor wear, but is quickly being adopted in the fields of tailored menswear, lifestyle, athleisure and sportswear. 37.5® Technology works beautifully when blended with natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton, modal and others, taking the inherently great properties of natural fibers and adding powerful moisture management. 

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