Summary of the spring summer 19 fashion directions

The season

Spring summer 19 vaunts delicacy with energy. lt whets a taste for research and the flavour of novelty, it generates optimistic and happily contagious encounters with
– poetic and technological blossomings, in a spirit of offbeat and provocative romanticism.
– fertile and eco-responsible experiments, for developments at once functional and sensual.
– eloquent materials and designs flirting with the idea of a joyful, sophisticated and friendly strictness.
– vibrant and refined colours.

Product highlights


The refinement of graceful lines and deceptively fragile-looking materials lends a sophistication to transparency, with plays on milky reflections, powdery overlays, delicate halos and intimate, almost second-skin fusions .

Sensuality and comfort look to be essential, putting blends at the very centre of developments. Suppleness is full and dense, creamy and smooth, talc-like and stretch, structured all in roundness or designed in moving and undulating structures.



Positive experiments between nature and artifice cheerfully ignite. They have fun with their contrasting visuals, playing on strange bi­materials and dazzling composites. Vegetals are altered by powerful additions, and the natural irregularities of linens and cottons are over-controlled, for sensitive handles and volumes. Flowers are mixed together and cover all surfaces.

The curves of shine distort continuity. lt is declined in the plural, oscillates with a spruce sparkle or subtle murmurs. lt borrows from soap-bubble reflections, or thickens with syrupy and clearly plastic transparencies.
lt grows nobly discreet, delicately crystalline or preciously dusted.



Joyful and rigorous constructions are celebrated with smooth and impeccable ultra-plains, authentic and contemporary densities, grandiosely graphic designs and stripes in exceptional colourways.

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