The Perspectives Spring Summer 21 soundtrack

Enjoy relistening to the music from the Spring Summer 21 Perspectives forum, created by Bretzel-Lab, Nicolas Judelewicz.

Play and download the original soundtrack of the Spring-Summer 21 season – and re-live the exciting experience of the PV Perspectives forum!

Dive into the sensations of all 4 spaces, with immersive sounds conveying the creative synergies between materiality, movement and flexibility.

This exclusive sound design is a call to the senses, alternately thrilling and filling our hearts with the warmth of summer.

Discover all the subtlety of the musical tones painted by Bretzel-Lab, illustrating hybrids between real and digital universes, stimulated by the desire to challenge our perceptions, with an exploration of visual and sensory trompe-l’oeil!


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