Heightened materiality

Into a world of new synergies on the web and social media, and new romances between reality and virtuality, the digital and analogue worlds, the autumn winter 1819 season brings its own imaginative and unusual solutions to the fashion sector.
The season moves substance and tactility to the forefront of developments, with leathers, fabrics and components handling sensuality with flare.
Developments are a marvellous invitation to discover unknown behaviours, with handles and sounds that resonate with such a peculiar musicality that defining them becomes complex.
They invite surprise, and a deep desire to create clothing marked by an idea of beauty whose very essence has been fundamentally transformed by digital interactions.
The pendulum swinging between the 2D and real worlds provides sensitive responses, firmly geared towards substance, compactness and dense flexibility.








The work of the Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han is critically important in terms of this materiality. Like a puzzle bridging two worlds, this human sculpture is made from a single piece of wood in the process of pixelating. In a single piece, it questions time, interruption, handwork, nature, digital attraction and human beings.

A new perspective… to take full stock of in the Première Vision Paris forums.

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