Focus style : Exuberant and singular 

Eccentric and warm

Boldly assuming colour and fantasy from head to toe. Warming up the look with gleefully mismatched multilayers, highlighting blouson volumes. Playing with references, poking fun at vintage, giving a delicious new twist to familiar motifs and decoration. Layering knits and wovens, using them in offbeat ways. Zeroing in on fancy shearlings and borrowing accessories and components from work or outdoor clothing.


Brash fantasy

Freely mixing decoration for a unique silhouette flying in the face of the rules of good taste.

Piling boy’s duffle coats over ultra-delicate feminine dresses.

Boldly flaunting decoration on outer and inner layers: colourful, printed, figured, embroidered or needle-punched. Skilfully un-coordinating style registers, from the abstract to the highly graphic, playing with fabric designs. Accessorising with an eye to the offbeat, injecting a touch of unbridled punk or biker references with sturdy leathers and studded decorations.


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