Première Vision’s concertations

A collaborative work

As one edition of the Première Vision show comes to an end, behind the scenes the next one is already actively being prepared. The next season has to be defined, given shape, imagined, fleshed out and rendered beautiful. In the end it will be presented, accurately, precisely, to resonate internationally at our many events, and in various print and online media.


To start the process, the Première Vision Paris fashion team welcomes its invited experts and partners. Over long discussions, exchanged ideas and many colourful samples, we share our intuited visions of the coming fashion season. A range of colours emerges, which at this point represents the French proposal and a basis for further, international brainstorming.

At the same time, each country – Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, England – is coming up with its own set of indicators. Each develops its vision of tomorrow’s fashion, and determines its own colour directions, which can then be compared to elaborate points of consensus for the future season.

This intense brainstorming process is based on both intuition and data collected on the ground. As a result of these meetings, a first look at the season’s influences emerges, both in a creative and business sense, to inspire and nourish the first underpinnings of the collections.
Inspiring and specific information is sent to all Première Vision exhibitors, who will submit the earliest creative examples from their collections.

Hand in hand, Première Vision’s fashion team and textile-industry experts collaborate throughout the year in a constant and productive circle. Born into the world through colour, the fashion season is then enriched by materials: weaves, knit and embroidery stitches, motifs, aspects, handles and finishings, all of which help to give it more concrete shape. The mix of people, the diverse natural elements each of them bring to the tale, contribute to the full richness of a story written collectively.

Step by step, everything is built through sharing. A genuine team effort of which Première Vision is the proud spokesperson, and for which we would like to warmly thank all our partners and exhibitors!

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