The AW20-21 film

The film of the Autumn-Winter 2020-21 Season

Highlights of the next edition of Première Vision Paris, to be held 17-19 September, 2019, will include the screening of the film for the AW 2020-21 season — a transporting ride guaranteed to leave a lasting impression!

Première Vision tapped Dutch artist and designer Bart Hess for the film’s artistic direction. Based on the key themes of the season, working in synergy with the Fashion team, the fruits of the collaboration will be unveiled in full in the PV Perspectives forum in the heart of Hall 5. First, an overview:

The film takes as its starting point the season’s driving trends identified by a network of international specialists, honed through an elaborate exchange process dubbed Première Vision Consultations and presented via a selection of fabrics, leathers, accessories and designs in the event’s forum. Through the talented eye of Bart Hess, they come to life in moving images and words, with the artist exalting the links between the visual and material worlds. Art and fashion interweave and nourish each other, pushing the boundaries of inspiration. Out from the realm of the senses, the evolutions of the markets, technology and forward-looking strategies emerge the lines, volumes and colours that will become the clothes of tomorrow.

In a world in flux, images take on new dimensions through the artist’s experiments with augmented reality. Ecology and the environment figure among the main storylines, explored though natural landscapes that swallow up humans in their path, transforming their physical appearance and creating hybrid species based on extreme utopian forms. Skins become sensual carapaces and bodies radiate a strange, disconcerting beauty that shatters aesthetic preconceptions. Under the influence of an interstellar soundtrack, a fantastic darkness defines these strange worlds. In the calm and constant flow of morphing images, nothing is fixed and endless bright possibilities unfurl.

An inventor of fantasy worlds, effortlessly moving between photography, video, visual arts, animation and textiles, the artist likes to explore fusions of man and innovation. Cue the film, which can be viewed in two ways: in 3D using a headset, where the image exceeds itself and goes out of the frame, taking on an intriguing materiality, or in 2D, where key words mix with images to depict and translate the essence of the season.

Enter this shifting, otherworldly universe where illusion commingles with the essentials and immerse yourself in the themes of the season!


Discover the decyphering of the season during our fashion TrendTasting seminars.

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