The material highlights for the AW 20-21 season

Spiritual, human, looking to both the natural and supernatural worlds, receptive to new technologies, at the crossroads of evolving individual identities… the autumn-winter 2020-21 season is looking to be a strong one!

Première Vision brings it all to light through its choices, and the stunning pertinence of exhibitors’ creations. The season’s colour range is further enriched by four representative samples from Botto Giuseppe, FC Creacio I Innovacio, Forza Giovane and Frizza. Materials to discover then rediscover in the colour range along with a whole host of essential information about colours and styles, to touch and unfurl, so you can fully experience the season, in digital, printed and tactile versions!

Leathers and skin in discussion

This season, leathers and fabrics evoke the subtle creases of the skin, its grain and wrinkles, with expressiveness and materiality. Living matter grabs us, our hands want to feel and try out materials, their look helps us to be different, to stand out from the crowd, all while providing protection. All this is found in FC Creacio I Innovacio‘s soft and rounded leather sample. A plump, airy, surprisingly bubbly texture, and a noble solidity in a bronzed brown.

Density and suppleness hand in hand

A wool that is softly, lengthily and skilfully felted is compressed, to champion strength, comfort and suppleness. A soft and round, very fine and dense felt by Botto Giuseppe, worked in “purple addict” (presented in the palettes of the colour range) is ready to dazzlingly awaken the season’s dark colours.

credits : Botto Giuseppe – Première Vision Fabrics

Sport fabrics say yes to light and fantasy

A symphony of movement and performance, with a print by Frizza on a fluid, luminescent base. The colours and marbled design intersect in countless electric meanderings, creating strange mixtures. Poetic mutations like so many lively hybrid variants on a reflective polyester that combines the opacity and extreme finesse of a silky skin.

credits : FrizzaPremière Vision Fabrics

Ambivalence and contrast

Poised between a ribbon and a fabric, between shine and mattness, Forza Giovane‘s creation plays on sinuosity and reflections. A virtuoso blend of wool and shot film opens the way to a combination of warm mattness and eroded metallization. An icy shine evokes both iridescent insects and futuristic magic, and a marvellous moulting. Changing states where fine irregularities and conflicting sensations are gently revealed to the touch.

Forza Giovane - Premiere Vision


To prolong your experience of the season, visit our online store, where our colour range, a complete, inspiring and practical work tool, combines colours, materials and the spirit of the season. Colour Ranges that are ordered are to be picked up at Première Vision Paris from 17 to 19 September 2019. Enjoy your journey to the heart of autumn winter 2020-21!

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