Opening AW 20/21 : Yarns

Yarns are vectors of emotion and expression, imparting texture and personality
to knits and wovens.

The season’s yarns expand, twist, inflate and gain in texture, to breathe character into fabrics that play on bubbly and confident extensions of the human body. The notion of airy, unconstrained, hedonistic hyper-volume, without the corresponding weight, becomes a must for autumn winter 20-21. In addition to the respect for the individual, there is also a respect for nature, for a global vision of harmony with eco-responsible, high-performant and attractive developments.

3D knits are as sculptural as they are lightweight, polar fleeces are softly fleecy and cloudy, braids and cables become airy, quilting and sandwich effects add tenderness and bounce, and intarsias carve out readable structures.

Yarns play on variations in thickness – either in how they combine and interact within a woven or knit, or through irregularities in the yarn itself. The spirit of an ultra-creative tweed is marked by the richness of all the variations in its components. Chenille, hairy and mohair yarns cosy up to brushed finishes to brilliantly round out the array of these new aspects. We deliberately incite texture contrasts, in even and regular motions, or with random effects. Hollows, bumps, joyfully assumed accidents and eccentric roughness – everything contributes to this expression of self; clothing used to affirm one’s own strong personality, a personality that’s never flat or formatted, while paying attention to one’s own differences, to fully express a singular individuality. Asserting an identity that fantasy can then delight, revealed with all the sensitive expressions of experience and sensations.

Inspiration AW20-21 - Yarns

A way of personalising knits and wovens by making the need to express oneself very visible, starting from the choice of fibres and yarns, and giving each the permission to grow and expand, with delight, awareness and refinement.

Discover the season in its totality at Première Vision Paris this 17th-19th septembre, as well as the decyphering of the season during our TrendTasting seminars.

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