Opening AW 20/21 : Designs

Abstract motifs and bewitching flowers invade the season’s decorations

Autumn winter 2020-21 favours hypnotic, uneven geometrics over floral designs, with graduated tones and colour transitions, marbling and book-endpaper apects with haloed motifs and layered colourways, splotches and veining. Hard stones and their colour deposits organised into layers inspire strange organic abstractions. Lines fuse, dilute, and disintegrate into aqueous or oily bubbles.

In flowers, the most surprising and fascinating versions are expressed with a slightly toxic allure: anything but ordinary, they appear extra-terrestrial, distorted by digital influences, inverted and solarized.
The delicacy of faded petals in subtly incredible colours carries impact – they’re crossed and mutated, with oversaturated colourways for hypnotising and spiky floral lace and embroideries.

There’s nothing gaudy about this colour intensity. Harmonies favour tone-on-tones, both in dark-on-dark and light-on-light, without seeking contrast. While patterns often feature a certain blur or gradation, melting colours into each other, neatness can be found as well, which in no way precludes a soft atmosphere conveyed by colour, in silkies, lace and embroidery.

Solarizations are disruptive, giving motifs a disconcerting look, haloed in magical lights, nocturnal gleams, cosmic rays, electric auras. The idea of colour in motion runs through patterns: we perceive it as flowing, fluid, never static, never abrupt.

Discover the season in its totality at Première Vision Paris this 17th-19th septembre, as well as the decyphering of the season during our fashion TrendTasting seminars.

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