Night reveries at New York

Teeming, nocturnal flora blooms in New York

Fascinating and disturbing plant motifs including forests, jungles and curious, outsized flowers occupy a prominent place in the decorations on offer at the Première Vision New York show.

Vegetation comes to us in the form of a treasure of incredible richness, radiating a communicative power, a tangible support, but reality is disturbed, shot through with irrational worries.

Jacquards with undulating reliefs, silkies with intoxicating reflections, guipure with a watery shine, lace with spiky flowers and foliage, fake furs with mysterious movements… discover the very first developments to be found at Première Vision New York this July 16 to 18.



As lush as it is precise, an engraving with a powerful impact

Abundant, saturated, dense to the point of semidarkness, decoration is invasive, immersive. It surpasses us, encompasses us, overwhelms us, incorporates us. Not all shapes can be seen at first sight, they emerge slowly after careful examination, revealing themselves little by little, rising from the depths and the multitudes. This image can be studied for a long time, for those not afraid to get lost in it, and reveals several levels of reading, depending on the time spent examining it.

To the primitive beauty of nature, which captivates us with its living presence, its impact, its depth, at a time when, on a global scale, we feel threatened, is added the fear of the unlimited, of the unknown. The landscape opens up, overflows, surpasses the frame.

The knotty trees are twisted and writhing. Their bark resembles a skin with deep folds and hollowed out furrows. A fabric of experience that seeks to tell its story, wordlessly speaking directly to our inner selves. Vines spill down like ropes, and further blur our vision.

Discovered at the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum*, this mangrove, drawn from the lush local nature yet also teeming with fantasy, perfectly echoes our “Dreamlike depths” theme for the fall-winter 2020-21 season.

*To see this lacquer engraving by Thái Hà in person, you must visit Hanoi’s Museum of Fine Arts in Vietnam. There you will discover works created using a variety of techniques (ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, folk arts) from prehistoric times to the present day, spread over three floors and more than 4,700 square meters. Temporary exhibitions complement the permanent collection and reflect a genuine commitment to showcasing the country’s cultural heritage

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