Spring Summer 18 Fabrics

Spring summer 18 sets forth with a fresh and witty outlook to trigger a desire for innovation, imagination and deliberately optimistic future scenarios. Experimentation drives creativity to find clever textile solutions. Fabrics and decoration showcase an accessible simplicity, enriched by a visual/tactile ambiguity, and playing off a complicity between real and imagined worlds. Clothing envisioned as objects of desire. Fashion embraces fantasy, welcomes wit and whimsy, to see ahead to a smart and joyful season.


all in fineness

Tracing out a constructed look free of stiffness and constraint, lightening structures, combining artificials and naturals. Discovering vegetal fibres distilled to an absolute fineness, exploring a papery crunchiness and digitalised botanicals, infusing purity with delicacy. Creating space, slightly amplifying volumes, freeing up the shoulder, interposing air between the body and the garment.

all in motion

Breaking free from gravity, gaining new momentum, attenuating to the point of semi-transparency, lightening garments. Discreetly distilling the technical side of sports apparel. Uniting dynamism with ease, flitting lightly between a springy fluidity and a floaty lightness. Filtering colour, neatly blurring. Cultivating a visual simplicity revealing a host of tactile surprises.

Katsumi-Hayakawa Herboriste


with style

Thriving on the bracing energy of a modern-day folklore – urban, multicultural and invigorating.

Taking inspiration from neatly elegant, architectural lines and vibrantly expressive, full-colour fantasy. Thinking up a contemporary exoticism. Sharpening cuts, injecting springiness, switching masculine and feminine, and breathing new life through vigorously drawn designs.

with spontaneity

Expanding volumes, working magnified weaves, fearlessly embracing thickness as long as it’s supple. Letting shapes express themselves freely, and blossom generously and casually. Punching-up casualwear, putting the pretty in unisex, and inventing a cheerful and exhilarating street-arts & crafts.

Pierre_Schmidt_Secret_Garden_A2_dromsjel SLC_01

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