Act II – The action picks up


The way seemed clear and yet trails grow misty, filters overlap, the road gets twisty, and paths are paved with pitfalls.
The weather is worsening
the sea grows rough, tossed by waves. 
Subtle mirages,
unreal extensions,
partial blurrings.
The line is no longer distinct, it becomes diffused, diluted, and stops…

graphic inspirations


…before taking off to impetuously scribble away!
The pencil is liberated, finding its way to a spirited expression of its own enthusiasm!
It spins about as if guided by a spirograph, arranges itself in orderly scrawls, imitates textures and irregularities with obsessive precision.
It interacts with brushwork, sprays and markers, moves into the city and walls, into unknown and rebellious lands,
to profess a joy in colour.
A dynamic inspired by drippings drives sketches.
Walls are a pretext for frenzied dances, a thrilling swirl, to invent a world with multiple readings.

graphic inspirations

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