Focus style : Sporty/sophisticated clashes

An evening with punch

Brashly joining frothy tops with sharp-cut pants for evening attire with an edgy, sexy look. High-waists and accentuated elasticity for legs that don’t stop, and vaporous transparency to slyly reveal/conceal. Stretch silks with mysterious reflections, layers of stiff transparencies or cocoon-like wool voiles. A deliberately dressed-up look down to the smallest detail: jewelled heels and ultra-long gloves complete the picture.


Hip-hop remix

Boldly combining oversized volumes and close fits, urban streetwear and city chic!

The rap/rebel attitude embodied by sweatshirts bumps up against the mythically feminine pencil skirt. Chubby sweaters with exaggeratedly smooth pleats, and variations on pared-down fleeces, updated with less cottony, more technical or silkier compositions. In skirts, stretchy tech-silkies, mirroring or iridescent shine, and precious compacts help cuts skim the body freely. Details and finishes are borrowed from the world of sports or inspired by jewels.


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