AW1819 Updating : Decoration highlights

Updated checks

A British influence emerges in the way motifs are expressed, and lends a cheeky note to the entire wardrobe – inner layers, outer layers, pants and skirts. Choices tend to Tattersall and offbeat Prince of Wales rather than windowpane checks. Plaids and tartans flaunt quirky colours, structures and sizes.


Flowers aplenty
On pigmented grounds, in colourful dark colourways, in anti-blacks, mid-sized and drawn with gusto, flowers garnered all the votes. Whether graphic or more abstract, they twirl with brio and brighten the silhouette.


Alternating rhythm
Neat, bold, horizontal or vertical stripes invade the surfaces of shirts and dresses as well as suitings and woollens.


Esoteric motifs
Patterns are inspired by imaginary skies, while slightly strange symbols are selected for their surreal touch.


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