Updating AW 19-20 : A composite nonchalance

The pursuit of a refined casual mood is elaborated through close blends in fabrics, as well as through contrasting visuals and different textiles superimposed in the silhouettes.

Drapes and handles have an enjoyable, pleasing suppleness derived from fibre composites blending plant and animal, synthetic and natural fibres, alternately refined and irregular.

Composite nonchalance

  • Full coats in lightened and contrasting double face broadcloths
  • Softer jackets in more refined felts, in wool/silk blends
  • Second-skin ribbed knits in wool/silk blends 
  • Sweater knits with maxi, puffed-up textures
  • Mid-length skirts and dresses in suppler, viscose twills
  • Textured shirts with a softened mattness
  • Warmed-up palazzo pants in cotton/wool blends 
  • Pleated carrot pants in blended and washed compositions
  • Suppler, washed-out black or grey denims
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