Updating AW 19-20 : an audacious elegance

A contemporary dressy look, with full colour suitings and ensembles, an assertive chic, with an offbeat spin thanks to rock-style accessories.
Structured, neat and precise fabrics, with defined uses for day, cocktail and evening.
Dense and springy silkies to help elaborate cuts and drape, velvets with a subtly silky shine for well defined, well-honed silhouettes.

Daring elegance

  • Structured coats in fine, dense tweeds, metallic thrown yarns
  • Strong-shouldered jackets in structured suiting fabrics, colourful tartans
  • Compact classic suitings, in solid colours
  • Glittery knits
  • Smooth and unctuous knits
  • Fluid, washed, satiny blouses
  • Long dresses with a siky gleam
  • Short, structured skirts in dense silk
  • Dresses and tops with floral lace inserts
  • Narrow cigarette pants in springy suiting fabrics
  • Slim velvet trousers
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