A°19 W°20 : An emotionally sensitive, offbeat vision of design : Aratani・Fay 


Like the works at the Aratani · Fay design studio, this season is marked by colliding aesthetic codes and overturned beauty criteria.
The designers offer surprising and offbeat works and objects, with a creative expression that is almost disturbing in its capacity to introduce poetry into a vision of everyday that is both too hectic and too rational.
This collaborative design studio, with its unique artistic approach, celebrates the irregularity of artisanal know-hows by taking a singular and intuitive approach to everyday objects. It injects an air of freedom and emancipation into codified environment.
Combining the familiar with the absurd, finding the beauty in chaos and comfort in dystopia are all new design new expressions, to approach reality in a different way, with personality and a light touch!


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