The surrealistic illustrations of Mia Marie Overgaard

Renowned Danish illustrator Mia Marie Overgaard * has undertaken an artistic collaboration with Première Vision Accessories for Autumn-Winter 19/20, which you can discover at the Première Vision Paris show next 19 to 21 September 2018.

For Première Vision Accessories, Overgaard has elaborated her own graphic and poetic universe to create an artistic interpretation of the season, in particular its prominent hybrid and psychedelic vegetation theme.
She converges the animal world and plant worlds in a strange, magical atmosphere.
Her phantasmagorical and surrealistic images, which appear lifted from a dream, will add a lively new dimension to Première Vision Accessories.





* A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in fashion design, Mia Marie Overgaard quickly discovered that her sensibilities were more attuned to sketching clothes and telling visual stories than designing clothes themselves. She thus naturally turned to commercial and fashion illustration. She has collaborated with clients from all over the world, from fashion to beauty and interior design.

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