Sports & Tech Best A°19 W°20

In the sport universe, technicality has been the key value for over 10 years. What is changing is that this quest for functionality is being overtaken by eco-responsible approaches.
While this sector has been the historical leader in terms of environmentally-friendly developments, they are now more than ever the priority. And this current commitment is perfectly compatible with a desire for visual fantasy. A quest for original prints and textures is on the rise in the choices made by active-sport players for autumn winter 2019-20.

The search for multi-performance is increasing. Buyers want materials that are at once warm, shield from humidity, and make them visible. A focus on ultra-thin tri-layers, impalpable membranes and transparent coatings … In short, versatile protection, zero weight and invisible functionality.


Appealing both because of their look and their eco-responsible qualities, recycled synthetic fabrics are appreciated for their quality, comparable to first-generation fibres. Also noteworthy, the strong increase in recycled polyamides, in wovens and knits.


Buyers fell for slightly irregular surface effects, delicate wrinklings, micro-embossings and softly blurry visuals. In this high precision universe, where weights are adjusted to the nearest gram and performance is discreetly integrated, textured fantasy makes all the difference.


Athleisure knits are preferred dynamic and elegant for indoor use. A notable emergence of bi-stretch wovens as a new alternative to jerseys. Here, stretch is also inscribing a lasting story, fed by an increase in naturally elastic fibres.


While plain wovens and twill serge are still topping demands, it’s the start of their decline. Classic ripstops and satins are slipping this season. The weaves on the rise in buyers’ choices underline fancier structures: herringbones, broken twills, and ribs referencing sturdy workwear.


The sport sector is opening up to graphic jacquards, to motifs borrowed from ties, to performant yarn-dyed checks. Print products moved ahead by 10 points, favouring geometric motifs, with diamond patterns in the lead and herringbones in the mix as well. Alliances between citywear and sports visuals are on the rise.

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