Autumn-winter 19-20 motifs draw on a re-envisioned imaginary world: cartographies and views of the sky inspire designers’ abstract and figurative graphic styles, with flat tints, sinuous lines and skilful imbrications. A singular atmosphere emanates from fantastical flowers, occasionally hiding intriguing, fanciful beasts.

Graphic flat tints

Like gigantic puzzles, geometric shapes are imbricated or layered, faking textured and 3D aspects.Shadowy effects, contrast and texture enrich plains. Semi-transparency and stratified layers propose a new way of working cut-outs and assemblies.


City maps, road networks, playgrounds and views of the sky are reinvented and stylized by clever graphics and sophisticated colours. Random nets are interlaced and intertwined like luminous labyrinths. The charts of the sky, constellations and planets are gaily and sensitively sketched.

Wild animals

Part dragon and eagle, part lion and monkey, hybrid animals have an appealingly quirky oddness. These unusual, tousled monsters are precisely drawn with surprising graphic expressions and dissonant colourways.

Slender lines

Figuratives, narratives, even abstract and graphic designs are imagined with a light hand.  A honed line traces out faces and profiles, the contours of geometric flowers and waves in a continuous and sinuous line. Delicacy is accentuated by sharper, more skittish edges.

Disturbing flowers

A season of out-of-the-ordinary flowers. Enlarged, mysterious roses, tulips, peonies and camellias with darkly coloured backgrounds take on a troubling look. With their clashing tones, they evoke psychedelic mushrooms. They twirl and swirl hypnotically, appearing to stretch out to infinity