Casualwear Best A°19 W°20

The relaxed universe takes a new look at iconic fabrics. A contemporary, relaxed silhouette emerges, marked by workwear references. An emphasis on functional visuals, corduroys and authentic checks, in updated colour schemes and disrupted by innovative handles.


Fabrics with neat structures referencing functional weaves stand out when their handles are softened: newly tender diagonals; languid, less precise herringbones; deceptively raw denims. The solidity message is conveyed visually, and fabrics are body-benevolent, for indispensable comfort.


Softness and roundness advance hand in hand, for casual and cosy fashions. An increase in selections of velvets and generously brushed moleskins. Corduroy attained its highest score in 10 years of tracking. Cottony softness is in the forefront, and the demand for stretch blends is increasing.


A precious note slips into the casual universe. Subtle reflections gain the upper hand over totally smooth aspects. Satins experience a decline, in favour of weaves playing on matt-shine. An increase in mercerised finishes and scattered metallics confirms this desire for a restrained precious look.




A cosy hand with visual structure looks to be the new watchword of knit buyers!
A contradiction fed by graphic quiltings, bi- and tri-coloured geometric jacquards. For tee-shirts and sweat shirts, contrasting colours – irregular stripes, two-toned face/back fleeces –  gain ground.


The demand for environmentally friendly materials is increasing in all fields, especially in casual tops: organic cotton jersey and shirtings, everyday prints with eco-friendly finishes, silky fluidity in bio-sourced viscose … Choices for eco-friendly textiles are becoming more diverse, reflecting a commitment to more socially-responsible fashion.


Tartans, windowpane checks and even ginghams are adopting warmer colourways, preferred in versions where yellow, reddish and brown tones intervene. Heavier, and generously brushed, casual checks cultivate an ambiguity between jackets and overshirts.

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