Best survey A°19 W°20

This overview of the fabric and decoration choices made by international fashion brands at the September 2018 Première Vision Fabrics and Design shows points up the leading textile, pattern and colour trends for autumn winter 2019-20.

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An appetite for familiar but offbeat visuals and a search for inner added-value are the two main directions emerging from fabric buyers’ selections.

Front and centre: hidden qualities drive choices. Sustainable fabric and fibre developments are gathering momentum. A demand for technology and performance – coming from the sport and tech universe -influences citywear. The structure of textiles and the sophistication of fabric mixes create instant attractions. And while the buyers’ overall visual approach seems to favour immediately recognisable patterns, decoration choices actually upend obvious references, with transposed tartan, panther, paisley and indienne designs. 

Discover the fabric and decoration highlights broken down by markets and uses, detailed and illustrated by the Best fabrics, photographed at the Première Vision Paris show, for:
– womenswear
– menswear
– casualwear
– sport & tech
– decoration

Find here the top 6 colour choices for tops and outer garments in each of these 4 markets, highlighting a desire to play on contrasts between warms/colds.

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