The A°19 W°20 season summary


Autumn Winter 19/20 opts for solidity and a tactile and visual abundance, without excess. A season that:
– chooses originality as a key differentiating factor.
– relishes joyful, sporty and sensual multiplicity.
– plays with fantasy and imperfect harmonies.
– offers clear solutions as to innovative aesthetic and eco-responsible mechanisms.
– lays the groundwork for new, elegant and comfortable casualwear.
– draws on workwear and functionality to shake up the noble luxury of materials and shapes.



Sport and workwear functionality are ingeniously transposed into fashion. Weight and density are a guarantee of durability, broken down in a luxurious firmness to dexterously structure silhouettes.

Elegance flirts with a thoroughly refined artlessness. An informality embracing a wholly soft suppleness and fullness, in menswear and womenswear, for a new casual chic.




An uncompromising approach to matter, deliberately playing on tactile and visual impact, disturbing the imagination and flying the banner for randomness, turbulence and irregularity.
A universe of mysterious lands and poetic explorations infusing visuals, reflections and structures.

Taking a stand for hybridization and addition as essential values.
Alliances with multiple entry points to update traditional duos – fashion / sport, chic / cheap, street / evening, etc. – and showcase unique mixes with a thirst for freedom.



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