Updating S/S20 : An assertive urban woman


A bold, graphic elegance expressed in head-to-toe colour or a combination of motifs and colours. Cuts are clean, shine is present but subdued, and fabrics are smooth, compact and structured, contrasting with softened, silky and feminine tops worn right next to the skin. 

Motifs are graphic and precisely drawn: vegetation in bold, layered flat tints, or enlarged and highly colourful geometric combinations. Accessories are structured, micro-bags are colourful, shoes are either elegant like 90’s pumps or quirky, as in giant blob-sole sneakers.



printemps-ete 2020 - citadine affirmee

  • Light and colourful suiting blazers
  • Suits, jacket and pants in clean, dense cottons or colourful matt satins
  • Matching tops and skirts in plays on colour / pattern
  • Dresses in compact silk, organic silk
  • Pleated trousers cut from suitings or snapping poplins
  • Body-hugging, fine-knit leotards
  • Fluid, runny knit tops

An assertive urban woman : the materials

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