PV’s Sport and Tech selection for S/S 2020

Without adjusting any of its expectations, the sports world is adopting a subtler, fresher aesthetic and a more joyful experience. New and diverse activities  – whether tied to nature or practiced in the city – are broadening its scope. Cycling, from everyday to mountain biking, continues to diversify. Indoor and outdoor climbers defy gravity. Running and trekking join in a quest for the thrill of adventure. Technological advances accommodate the sport world’s changing needs. Fabrics and cuts – as effective as they are sophisticated –  are also increasingly eco-friendly and tied in to fashion.

Outdoors, biking and extreme sports

Multiple high resistance: supple “shield” weaves, stretchy and high-tenacity knits, truly fine textiles with undetectable properties.

High-performance suppleness: silent and soft 2-layers and 3-layers. Flexible and malleable materials adapted to the most demanding practices: biking, hiking, ultra-trail running, etc.

Technical naturals: wool, cottons and linen (a newcomer) pair an elegant look with uncompromising performance, at a minimum breathable and rain/ wind-resistant. Yarn-dyed patterns are inspired more by shirtings than woollens.

Running and athleisure

Heavenly layers: close-to-nothing ultra-lightweights with a frosty, almost opaque semi-transparency. Super-compactable, water-repellent or windproof, just right for all everyday sports looking for reduced weight.

Refined shine: gently scintillating yarns for surfaces dappled with light, deep satiny textiles, wet gleam, pearly and iridescent motion, colourful or fanciful retro-reflectives.

Urban and lifestyle

Nautical rubber: blackout and supple coatings to block out cold and rain; rubber boots, sailor-style oilskins inspire city parkas and jackets.

Protective mattness: polyamide blends with the dryness of cotton and crispiness of paper, rainproof and sufficiently performant for city or lifestyle outdoor wear.

Swimwear and wellness

Sheathing and body mapping knits: elastane-rich, muscular, high compression knits with a hold similar to that of wovens. Knit jacquards and pre-placements for body-mapping items.

Tech fineness: fast-dry voiles and crepon for retro fun swimwear and beachwear, tender and fresh second-skins for wellness, ethereal wools for a natural cooling sensation right next to the skin.




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