PV’s Smart Creation for S/S 2020

Ever more mindful of its responsibilities, spring summer 20 is moving towards eco-friendly fashion. The old cult of secrecy is out, and transparency and traceability are now fundamental ingredients defining a product’s added-value and quality. Style is in no way compromised by the new considerations, but instead draws on these new givens to truly embrace looks that are strong, committed, colourful and happy. An ecological approach is part and parcel of these lively, vibrant fabrics, accessories and leathers, for responsible consumption founded in colour, enjoyment and a light-minded spirit.

Responsible production has now broadened to encompass all activity sectors, from head to toe and inside and out, from plains to decoration, impacting the whole silhouette and its accessories.

Our Smart Creation selection

Monitoring raw materials.

Recycling continues to make headway in the fabric and accessories offer. It’s becoming a leader in sports with recycled synthetics and elastane, and simpler compositions and constructions that favour post-consumer recycling. Everywhere, the attention paid to the origins of recycled materials assumes new meaning, and explores new supply sources. Even Plexiglas is recycled in accessories. Upcycling is simmering decoration, with clearly playful proposals in fantasy embroidery or wool. Organic cottons go without saying in knits and for certain markets, Organic silk is gaining ground, diversifying its applications, which have remained till now fairly under the wire.

A transparency of processes and supplies

The traceability of artificial fibres, found throughout this season, is highlighted with bio-sourced viscose and Cupro, and certified supply sources for wood (sustainable management) and plant origin fibres. Bio-sourced acetates target accessories. In leather, the traceability of raw materials is almost a prerequisite.

The goal: 100% clean finishings


Finishings are revisited with cleaner technologies, free of harmful chemicals, such as PFC-free waterproofing. Special attention is paid to water consumption in all leather, fabric and accessories sectors. In accessories, clean galvanizing now comprises a significant offer. In leathers, vegetal tanning produces increasingly finer and more supple skins and even explores pale colour ranges and whites. Chromium-free tanning is also commonly available in collections.

Smart Materials

Plant fibres find new and original uses, from amalgamated leaves for small leather goods to pineapple fibres for buckles and buttons.


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