PV’s accessories selection for S/S 2020

Full of colour! This will be a brilliant summer, rich in pigments, which discharges its energy and is visible on silhouettes.

Dazzling brightness

Light is key this season, colourful vibrations extend as far as neon, in both the sport and ultra-feminine register. This neon sparkle can be found on embroidered labels, combined with neutral yarns in trimmings,in trimmings, in airbrushed decorations on chains, zips and buttons.


Colour highlight

Components with solar energy, including the key shades of “howling orange” and “explosive pink”; these bright colours are intensified by synthetic media such as resin decorations, polyurethane bag panels or polyester buttons. Colour is also to be found as a coating, like a gourmet syrup, with translucent lacquers and enamels that beautifully showcase hammered metals and sophisticated weaves. Accessories appear to be in perpetual motion with changing and transparent colour schemes.


Abstract ethnics

Influences are a blend of geometry and inspiration from elsewhere. This season, ethnic and graphic patterns combine in abstract colour block compositions and stripes in unexpected colour schemes that, on occasion, flirt with bad taste. Caning combines unexpected materials, interweaving coloured plastics and noble leathers. A graphic kitsch that encourages an accumulation and combination of synthetic, natural and metallic materials where the visual impact takes precedence.


Surreal flowers

Components cover clothing in abundance. The flowers of the season are intriguing, opulent, they bring to mind carnivorous plants with embroidery in 3D relief, floral patches with blurred colours, and buttons with exacerbated volumes.


Discreet metals

Metals and finished metallics discreetly support this visual explosion. They will appear in subtle versions, with retro-reflective films, gentle iridescence, milky pearls, sandblasted silver, or brushed gold.


Joyful recycling

Eco-responsible developments are also riding the wave of colour with a fun and fancy recycling that sees Plexiglass regenerated with vivid marbling, decorations made from pineapple fibres and brilliant bio-sourced acetates.




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