Designs AW1819 – fragmented reality

Perception distorted by layered elements: Inviting multiple readings by assembling transparent layers for plays on depth, replicating visuals to infinity to syncopate perception.
Decomposed and recomposed: the interplay of a mix of photographic and hand-drawn elements, subtly shifted multiplications, meticulous reassemblings, intelligent openings, trompe-l’œil…

Photographs faceted thanks to mirrors or Photoshop filters, cut-papers made with scissors, glass fragments worked in facets and composite mosaics.

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Designs AW1819 – landscapes of the soul

Chiachio & Giannone Lyonnais Broderie à la main, fil de coton, rayon et fil à broder effet lumière sur toile 1,30 m x 1,80 mts.

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